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Qualification Details

Level 1 Beginner

Program Overview

This level is for learners who have little or no prior knowledge of English. Students will learn the basics of English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills.
    Module 1: Introduction to English Grammar
  • Identify the different parts of speech in English.
  • Understand the basic rules of English grammar.
  • Use correct grammar in simple sentences.
  • Identify and correct common grammar errors.
    Module 2: Basic English Vocabulary
  • Learn 500-1000 basic English words.
  • Understand the meaning of words in context.
  • Use words correctly in sentences.
  • Build vocabulary through reading and listening.
    Module 3: Pronunciation and Listening Skills
  • Learn the basic sounds of English.
  • Understand how to pronounce words correctly.
  • Improve listening comprehension skills.
  • Practice listening to and repeating English phrases and sentences.
    Module 4: Speaking and Writing Skills
  • Learn how to construct simple sentences.
  • Practice speaking English in a clear and concise manner.
  • Write simple sentences and paragraphs.
  • Improve writing skills through practice and feedback.
  • High school or equivalent
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Interest in the course topic
  • Good level of English
200 GLH