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Qualification Details

Level 2 Contracting

Program Overview

The Contracting under Facilities Management certificate is a short, face-to-face course that provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to manage facilities management contracts effectively. Students will learn about the different types of facilities management contracts, how to negotiate and manage contracts, how to manage risk in facilities management contracts, and how to measure and manage performance in facilities management contracts.
    Module 1: Introduction to Facilities Management Contracting
  • Define facilities management contracting and explain its importance.
  • Identify the different types of facilities management contracts and their unique characteristics.
  • Understand the different stages of the facilities management contracting process.
  • Apply facilities management contracting principles to real-world scenarios.
    Module 2: Types of Facilities Management Contracts
  • Compare and contrast the different types of facilities management contracts, such as hard FM contracts, soft FM contracts, and integrated FM contracts.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of contract.
  • Select the appropriate type of contract for different facilities management needs.
    Module 3: Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Develop and implement effective contract negotiation strategies.
  • Draft and review facilities management contracts.
  • Manage facilities management contracts effectively, including monitoring performance, resolving disputes, and making changes to contracts.
  • Communicate effectively with contractors and other stakeholders about facilities management contracts.
    Module 4: Risk Management in Facilities Management Contracts
  • Identify and assess the risks associated with facilities management contracts.
  • Develop and implement risk management strategies to mitigate those risks.
  • Monitor and update risk assessments on an ongoing basis.
  • Communicate risks and risk management strategies to stakeholders.
    Module 5: Performance Management in Facilities Management Contracts
  • Develop and implement performance management plans for facilities management contracts.
  • Monitor and measure contractor performance against performance targets.
  • Provide feedback to contractors on their performance.
  • Take corrective action to address performance issues.
  • High school or equivalent
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Interest in the course topic
  • Good level of English
150 GLH